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Noise insulation - but with design

The Slimframe NC (Noise Control) System

Noise is an omnipresent, undesirable side effect of our technical environment. We react most sensitively to frequencies between 1,000 and 6,000 Hz. Effective products focus exclusively on this range as only sound that is audible to the human ear is of any practical use.
It is very easy to create perfect solutions - tested and certified - without foregoing a customised design and an unmistakable appearance.

Noise insulation with MELAtik panels

• Outstanding noise insulation in the higher frequency range
• High temperature resistance
• Excellent fire resistance

Sound absorption in accordance with DIN 10 534-2

The panels are made of soft foam on a melamine resin basis; they are breathable and lightly compacted.

The graphic shows that sound absorption depends heavily on
the panel thickness.

• Frequency of 500 Hz:
25% absorption with a panel thickness of 20 mm
70% absorption with a panel thickness of 50 mm
• Frequency of 1,250 Hz:
50% absorption with a panel thickness of 20 mm
100% absorption with a panel thickness of 50 mm


The basic sound of the human voice has a frequency of 125 to 250 Hz with peaks of up to 2 kHz. The choice of frame depth is therefore a decisive factor with regard to achieving the desired effect.

Slimframe textile clamping frames

  • The installation system for sound absorption comprises three profiles.
  • The profiles have notches for M-tik panels and 15 mm deep grooves for Akutex prints that are held in the frame by means of stitched-on flat welts.
  • The system makes it possible to create a new ambience with very little effort and at no installation cost simply by exchanging the prints.


Sound absorption for walls with Slimframe SF 23 and SF 55
These two aluminium textile clamping frames have respective depths of 23 and 55 mm and are equipped with 20 / 50 mm M-tik panels. Printed Akutex material is clamped into the front of the Slimframe unit.
Sound absorption for partition walls with Slimframe SFD 55
This two-sided aluminium textile clamping frame has a depth of 55 mm and is equipped with 50 mm M-tik panels. Printed Akutex material is clamped on both sides of the Slimframe frame.
The frames stand on feet to enable free-standing partitions of any length and up to a maximum height of 2.5 metres. The two-sided sound absorption system can also be suspended from the ceiling on optional suspension brackets.
Akutex digital textile printing

  • Akutex is a polyester fabric with an open structure that prevents sound waves from being reflected so that they are absorbed by the M-tik panels behind the material.
  • They are printed using a digital sublimation method whereby the colours are vaporised onto the material by applying heat and pressure in a calender.
  • It is the only method that guarantees unobstructed sound wave permeation and high-quality printed images.

Combine our Slimframe clamping frame systems and MELAtik sound absorbing panels and high-quality sublimed textile printing on Akutex material to produce design options that leave virtually no wish unfulfilled.



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