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World's first installation of the new Durst 500 UV Printer with a print output in excess of 200 m² per hour.

UV prints / latex prints / sublimation textile prints and classic solvent ink prints on different materials of up to 5 metres in width and with a resolution of 1,440 dpi.
As of September 2009 we have at our disposal:
  • 3 web printers with a printing width of 5 m
  • 2 web printers with a printing width of 3.2 m
  • 2 sheet printing machines with a printing width of 2 m
  • 2 textile sublimation printers with a printing width of 3.2 m
  • 5 high-resolution printers with 1,440 dpi and a printing width of 1,6 m

Theoretically, we can print up to 1,000 m² per hour with our technology. Far more important to our customers, however, is that our large and modern machine pool offers them the best printing technology for any application.

Our ability to align the production technology across international subsidiaries is one of the major benefits enjoyed by TREVISION customers. Bundling capacities enables even large-volume orders to be completed in consistently high quality within a short time.

Every year, TREVISION invests between 0.5 and 1 million euro in the latest generation of printing machines to make sure every TREVISION customer has access to the latest and most popular printing technology.


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